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How to Manage Sickness and Absence - elearning

This course has been developed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to manage the many aspects of sickness and absence within a workplace. Timescales, the wider impact of illnesses, and facilitating structured returns to work all form part of a programme of study aimed at ensuring sickness and absence is handled professionally.

You can register up to 10 people for elearning when you book online. If you have more than 10 delegates to register, please contact us.

  • Course content
    • Introduction to absence
    • Notification of absence
    • Recording and measuring absence
    • Short and long term sickness
    • Facilitating a return to work
    • Capability

  • Pre-requisites
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.
  • Assessment
  • Online course worked through at the pace of the learner.

  • More details
  • By completing this course, delegates will: 

    • Be able to describe the reasons for absence.
    • Be able to fully explain the process of managing absence.
    • Know how to describe the benefits of a sensitive approach to managing absence.
    • Be able to create a sickness and absence policy.
    • Know how to highlight the impact of absence on the workplace.
    • Be able to identify ways in which organisations can calculate the effect of absence.
    • Be able to describe the timescales and trigger points in managing absence.
    • Have the ability to fully consider issues which will impact on capability.
    • Appreciate the value of recording and monitoring absence.
    • Be able to choose from a range of options for facilitating employees’ return to work.
    • Have the opportunity to download a certificate, stating completion.

    Terms and conditions: 

    Read the elearning Terms and conditions here.