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Our downloadable toolkits give you instant access to a full suite of redundancy support to enable you to manage a robust and fair process. The toolkits have been designed to take account of logistical and technical complexities that have been created as a result of Covid-19.

Letters, templates, guidance, livechat and telephone support

A toolkit gives you template letters, forms and supporting guidance, written by our team of employment lawyers. You will also receive one month’s access to our telephone and live chat support for expert guidance in relation to redundancy process and procedure. 

Our toolkits will help you:

  • comply with UK employment law regulations regarding redundancy;
  • ensure each communication and letter issued is legally compliant and provides all necessary information to the employee; and
  • adapt your process to accommodate new working arrangements and considerations created as a result of Covid-19.

Choose your toolkit

If you think that your proposed redundancy project may require you to carry out statutory collective consultation with trade union or employee representatives, select the Redundancy toolkit (including statutory collective consultation) (contains 25 template documents). Otherwise, our standard Redundancy toolkit (contains 20 template documents) can provide you with all the documentation that you need. 

Determining when statutory collective consultation rules apply can be complex (as a general principle, they apply where an employer is proposing to make 20 or more redundancies at a single establishment within a rolling period of 90 days).

If you are unsure which Redundancy toolkit you need, call 0808 168 5874 to discuss your options.  

Redundancy toolkit

Redundancy toolkit (including statutory collective consultation)