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To help you stay compliant, protect jobs and secure the future of your business, we are making essential HR tools and resources available as free downloads.

As our team of employment lawyers and HR practitioners continue to create templates and resources we will make them available here so you can easily keep up to date and adapt to government schemes and coronavirus restrictions.

With over 130,000 downloads, our free resources have helped thousands of businesses stay compliant and adapt quickly to changes.

Vlog: Overseas holidays and quarantine requirements

Please note, these materials were produced before today’s Government announcement confirming that, from 19 July, fully vaccinated individuals will not have to quarantine on return from amber list countries. However, since not everyone is fully vaccinated, the information in our HR Guide on the issues you will need to consider in relation to holidays and employees who are required to quarantine is still very relevant!

Vlog: Home and Hybrid working

As government guidance to work from home where possible will shortly be lifted, employers will be considering their approach to continued home or hybrid working. Our video will help you with the considerations you need to make to put a policy in place.

Vlog: Managing Covid-19 related absences

During the summer, Covid-19 cases are predicted to rise significantly and the number of employees self-isolating is rapidly increasing. Our video will help you understand the issues that this might cause and consider options for managing increased Covid-19 related absence. 

Essential downloads for the workforce returning to the office/workplace:

  • HR Checklist: Covid-19 return to the workplace - to help you make considered decisions to support employees, keep people safe and ensure the smooth running of the business as more employees return to the workplace.
  • Covid-19 Checklist: Determining your approach to overseas holidays and quarantine requirements - to help you identify the strategic issues to consider to manage employees’ holiday requests in light of the current overseas travel and quarantine rules.
  • Template Home and Hybrid Working Policy - which sets out the employer's approach to home and hybrid working arrangements and requests.           
  • HR Guide: Covid-19 and absence management procedures - which provides a framework to help you make decisions about changes to your current absence management procedures, in order to better manage increased Covid-19 related absences.

Find out more and download

Furlough letters for the Extended CJRS

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) remains in place until 30 September 2021. We refer to this as the ‘Extended CJRS’.

You can download the following furlough templates:

  • Extended CJRS full furlough letter – to place an employee on full furlough.
  • Extended CJRS flexible furlough letter – to place an employee on flexible furlough.
  • Return from full furlough under the Extended CJRS letter – to recall an employee on full furlough to return to their normal working hours.
  • Return from flexible furlough under the Extended CJRS letter – to recall an employee on flexible furlough to return to their normal working hours.

Find out more and download Furlough Letter Templates under the Extension to CJRS | Make UK.