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London is a great place to meet and remains - according to the annual ICCA rankings survey - the most popular meeting destination in the UK and one of the top 10 in the world. As the nation’s capital; home of government, global financial centre, international tourism destination, creative industries hub and a geographical convenience between New York, Tokyo, Europe, Asia and the USA; there are myriad of reasons to find meeting rooms in London, regardless of the business, industry or profession one works in.

With great demand however, comes great supply, and the capital is full of every sort of meeting and event space one could think of, from the contemporary to the classic, from unique to purpose built. The choice is endless.

Because of this abundance of choice, from a venue perspective, finding meeting rooms in London is no longer about what sort of space you want; it’s about the standards you wish to keep. For smaller to medium sized meeting spaces, there are plenty of venues, and it’s rare that an organiser can’t find a nice space at the time they want, in the right part of town they are looking for. What then becomes increasingly important is the quality of the service and the standards that the venue sets itself; as in all cities, while the best can be very good, everyone has a story about it at its worst, and it’s no different in the meetings and events world.

Broadway House is part of Make Venues, recently rebranded from EEF Venues at the beginning of 2019, but still retaining the exceptionally high standards that it has been setting for the last few years. The venue is beautiful. Set in an historic building in the middle of Westminster, but stylishly decorated inside to give it a contemporary, fresh and light feel. It’s the kind of venue that effortlessly combines the old and the new, and because it has been designed and fitted out by the experienced heads at Make Venues, it has the feel of a purpose built venue, with the designed thinking that one should expect from one.

At Make Venues, there is an understanding of the science behind making meetings work and creating environments that ensure maximum productivity. From specially designed chairs, anti-glare tables, subtle but vibrant furnishings and the very, very best technology that won’t fail on the presenter, trainer or event organiser.

Broadway House's meeting rooms in London also carry the same promise of exceptional food that is ubiquitous across the Make Venues group. From home-made cookies and flapjacks throughout the day, to super food and healthy options at breakfast, colourful and vibrant salad at lunch, and indulgent but ethically sourced dinners in the evenings. Food matters in events, and Make Venue’s is a brand with food at its heart.

Industry research tells us that when an event organiser is looking for a meeting, they are primarily concerned with price, location and accessibility. With meetings rooms in London, the last two are taken forward because of its nature as a global hub, however after that the organiser wants value for the money they spend with a venue, and the feel of professionalism within it.

The reason why Make Venues continues to thrive in this industry is that its customers continue to vote for it in terms of its customer service, its care and the quality of its product. It’s true that there is plenty of choice in the nation’s capital, but genuine quality needs to be found. At Broadway House it can be found in abundance.

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